Tuesday, January 28, 2014

School Day of Non-violence and Peace (DENIP)

DENIP works to promote a Culture and an independent, free and voluntary Education for Non-violence and Peace. It was founded by Llorenç Vidal. It is celebrated January, the 30th.

  • The "School Day of Non-violence and Peace" (DENIP), founded in 1964 and also known as World or International Day of Non-violence and Peace, is a pioneering, non-state, non-governmental, non-official, independent, free and voluntary initiative of Non-violent and Pacifying Education, which is now practised in schools all over the world and in which centres of education, teachers and students of all levels and from all countries are invited to take part.

  • It advocates a permanent education in and for harmony, tolerance, solidarity, respect for human rights, non-violence and peace.

  • It is observed on January 30 or thereabouts every year, on the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi. In countries with a Southern Hemisphere school calendar, it can be observed on March 30 or thereabouts.

  • Its basic message is: "Universal Love, Non-violence and Peace. Universal Love is better than egoism, Non-violence is better than violence, and Peace is better than war".

  • Friends of DENIP are those persons who, by accepting the spiritual, individual and social supremacy of universal love, non-violence, tolerance, solidarity, respect for human rights and peace above their opposites, advocate the diffusion of the principles which inspired this celebration.
Information taken from Teaching English to Primary Children